Covid-19 {1}


A symbol of these times. Self isolation to beat those little friends of ours, bent on disrupting the passing of the hours, the days, as if our survival as a species is hardly ever being questioned. Until recently, when those nasty yet beautiful viruses started racing to play havoc with our lives, our economies.

I am used to my own company, I enjoy my own company, thus these past few days have been not much different than my normal daily life. Although I miss my daily walks, a camera in search of the excitement of that instant when the world around us achieve some resemblance of sense, an image as testimony of that moment.

A check out young woman on the supermarket was slightly reproachful of my purchase of a rather large amount of cat food. No, I was not hoarding: seven cats eat quite a bit, that was my normal weekly shopping. As restrictions are being placed on the number of items we can purchase from supermarkets, plan is being formulated in my head for sources of cat food apart from my usual supermarket.

And, yes, washing my hands…

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