Sparrows, starlings, and other birds…

Birds, blue tits, climate change, rspb, sparrow, sparrows, starlings

May have been a wet month, rainy with occasional sunshine. The usual bird population has been down compared with other years.

There have been plenty of sunshine this week, this month, so far. Sparrows, including the babies, have been feasting on my feeders, playing not so much attention to me, in the balcony, a couple of feet from them. Mainly sparrows, although I saw some blue its too.

I missed the RSPB’s annual count earlier this year, although I have been missing it for the last few years. However, I have the impression, a non scientific one, that the usual bird population which has been coming to my feeders for years is down for 2021.

I saw a couple starlings yesterday, some juvenile ones, I think.

I will keep watching them.

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