Quiet evening…

  Nieve came and looked at me with those inquisitive eyes of his. He climbed and settled on my lap, all the time looking into my eyes. Then, he stretched and got comfortable to doze. Soon, Kit and Spring, who were watching on the floor, followed him and settled on my side. I just let... Continue Reading →

Strange cat stealing food…

Strange cat (well, not so much by now) stealing food from my kitchen. She has been around my flat for some weeks, initially scavenging whatsoever scrap of food she could find. She is expecting kittens. Babies in her belly.

A cat, a photograph, and memory

Gatita, 1978 I do not even remember taking this photograph of Gatita. She must have been no older than a year, then. I found it when browsing thru my archives, although I was specifically looking for photographs of her. It has been said, and written, that photographs became memories, taking over their texture, their depth.... Continue Reading →

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