A small boy’s smile

Diary, Home stories, I, memories

A small boy looking at me.

A smile alighting his face.

A neighbour’s son.

A balcony above.

A patio emerges.

Paving slabs.

Images imprinted.

Sixty years.

An open newspaper, a person, a man, hiding.

My father?

What is a kid’s memory but a perception of a frozen instant, adding to a personal story, perhaps a personal history?

Then, later, we built stories from frozen images.


Forgotten childhood…

black and white, Childhood, Diary, Home stories, Hull, Photography
Hull 2013

Walking through my neighbourhood some seven years ago, in the evening, I came across a forgotten doll, remains of a childhood which, perhaps, was in the process of being discarded.

Since then I have seen the girl to whom this doll that, once upon a time, cherished it. She is now a young woman, probably discarding boyfriends.