Fridays for Future 29-11-2019


Two men arguing: the one of the right said that he didn’t care about saving the planet. He was concerned about the graffiti on the pavement.

Later he came back with a police constable, who tried to convince him that the graffiti would be washed after a couple of days. The man wasn’t convinced, so the cop had a word with us, just to get him off his back.

After several months…


I developed a couple of 5×4 films, after i managed to keep the kitties at bay. Pyrocat HD is no good for them. Cat hair is no good for drying film, either. The process flow went quite smooth, in spite that i was out of practice. I had to look for developer concentrations.

The darkroom has been revamped (it is a very small, and tight, room: a former store-pantry). More work to be done.