John Gravill age 31 years

From the Cathedral project : Liturgy. Although I am not sure, yet, if I will keep it in the project. Cathedral is a wild graveyard-forest I encountered when I moved to a bedsit across the road, back in 1976. A sanctuary of nature in the midst of Hull city centre.

Path to heaven

Path to heaven Saturday 8 July 2017 Image made for the Cathedral collection. Cathedral is an exploration of an old graveyard located on Spring Bank West, near the centre of hull. My first encounter of it was in late 1976, when I moved to a bedsit opposite it. A cathedral of nature in the midst... Continue Reading →

Liturgy: candidate?

Made a few days ago. Digital camera with 50 year old lens. Exploring an approach for the Liturgy section of the Cathedral collection. Winter scene, Spring Bank West graveyard. Hull January 2018.

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